Polperro Wine Club

The Polperro Wine Club

We are winegrowers with a deep love and care for the land. We make, grow and farm our vineyards using a philosophy of sustainability and regenerative agricultural. How we achieve this is by using a mix of biological , biodynamic and organic practices. We have achieved organic and biodymanic certification at Polperro in 2019.

All our Polperro estate vineyards are either owned or operated to ensure that the resulting wines demonstrate a clear sense of place where the elements of the soil, microclimate and the people who tend to the land come together to create something truly unique.

Join the Polperro wine club to share in our passion for quality wine and viticulture.

We offer 3 different wine experiences, in addition to a Cellar Club. All experiences will be carefully curated by owner and winemaker Sam Coverdale and can be tailored to your preferences.

“Polperro is increasingly a producer to watch from Mornington with year-on-year refinement of it’s style. This has often impressed, but it’s new release has stunned.”
– Mike Bennie – Gourmet Traveller Wine

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The Even Keel Experience

Drinkable, elegant wines that surprise and celebrate the individual strengths of Australia’s top wine regions.

The Polperro Experience

Polperro wines highlight the excellence and quality specific to our local wine region of the Mornington Peninsula.

The Total Experience

Enjoy a selection of both of our ranges of wines allowing you to experience all our regions and styles, plus our single vineyard sites.

Sam Coverdale

Sam's Cellar Club

Add-on option for any experience membership featuring back vintages, verticals, magnums and other exclusive benefits.